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Personal Brand ManagementWelcome to Image Inspire


Serving individual and corporate clients in Enhancing their Appearance, Maximize their Potential and Develop Confidence in order to have a credible Professional Presence which is required in today’s competitive corporate environment.


Image Inspire is a full-service Image Management and Self Presentation Company with expert solutions for:

  • Personal Brand Management
  • Etiquette
  • Verbal & Non-verbal communication

Image Inspire’s consulting services help proactive individuals and companies develop a personal brand in correlation with the company brand in order to present a credible and positive business image.

Image Inspire is the most comprehensive image company in the field working with business, industry, colleges and individuals.   Image Inspire offers the benefits of customized quality training to organizations of any size and location in South Africa and Namibia.  We create and design programs according to the needs and objectives of the organization, which are implemented in a method that is most beneficial and convenient to the organization and its employees. We’ll create and design programs according to your needs and objectives.

Our training facilitators provide interactive learning experiences to empower your team with knowledge and skills in all aspects of business etiquette, professional presence and personal branding, pertinent to your particular industry and work environment. With each program or service, we include attention-getting interactive exercises, assessments instruments and print materials for continued learning.  Our audiences range from new professionals in the workplace to seasoned executives.

At Image Inspire, we believe that each person has the ability to reach the pinnacle of their full potential at work and in their personal lives through empowering themselves with the knowledge to obtain a Memorable First Impression! The ability to get along with people, to exhibit good manners, to project an impressive image, and to make others feel comfortable are key components to success.

Image Inspire is known for their  expertise and advances in image education & development, non-verbal communication through dress and body- language, business casual issues and solutions, personal branding, personal and professional style and wardrobe planning for all life-cycle stages

Image Inspire specializes in:

Image Brand Management

  • Professional / Executive Presence
  • Appearance &  Grooming
  • Etiquette
  • Non-verbal communication
  • Verbal communication

Corporate Confidence

  • Workshops
  • Training

Image Consulting

  • Personal consultations
  1. Colour
  2. Style
  3. Wardrobe planning
  4. Make up
  • Make Overs
  • Personal Shopper

Coaching and Mentoring

From Graduate to Corporate

Training – Image Inspire provides a full range of image-related training

Image Inspire provides individuals with the necessary skills to obtain authenticity, credibility and self-confidence.  93% of the time people are judged on how they look and act. By refining your appearance, and mastering the details of etiquette and communication skills, one will get on with the business at hand with greater self-confidence.  And self-confidence can change everything.

“Image is a powerful form of communication, sending out messages about the kind of person you are. You can harness this powerful tool and ensure that the messages people receive are the ones you want.”


  • Our passion for people and the potential each one of us has to achieve outstanding success manifests itself into a real desire for us to deliver training solutions that can be quickly adopted by your people in their daily interactions with customers and colleagues.
  • Our determination to offer highly effective, practical learning solutions demands an intimate understanding of our client’s business objectives, culture and people and, in doing so, we pride ourselves on providing a professional and personal approach to all of our business relationships.
  • Every client and every training solution is vitally important to us. It is critical that we get your solution right, the first time, every time. The future of our business depends on preparing, delivering and maintaining the highest standards in the work we do every day.
  • We work as Teachers and Coaches in transforming you from the inside out – selecting and coordinating what you wear according to your internal values, attitudes, personality traits, lifestyle, roles and goals.
  • Image Inspire is a one stop Personal Brand and Self Presentation Company with expert solutions for your Image needs.
  • Authenticity accompanied with individuality and Flexibility
  • You can be assured that we fully appreciate and understand the dynamics and challenges facing today’s employees and managers